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My name is Angela and I’m the “She” behind She Went Wear. I started this blog as a diary of my travels and I decided to make it public for the world. I love traveling and fashion hence the play on words wear and where.
I get asked quite a few questions in my email and thought it was about time that I answered some of them and let you guys know a little more about me 🙂
How old are you?

20’s ( Birthday is May 2)

Where is your base/home?


Are you American?

Uh… Yes. Haha. The goal is to have dual citizenship though 😏

Are you still in the LDR(long distance relationship), what’s the update on that?

I am not, I will update that post or delete it when I get the chance.

What is your instagram? 

My personal instagram is @cashxcouture and my blog’s instagram is . Before you follow just a little FYI, I do post more on my personal page than the blog’s, but I’m working on that as well.

What do you do for work?

I’m an Experiential Tour Manager. Honestly, it’s super hard to explain, but it allows me to travel and gives me freedom (sometimes) to have extended time off. I love it but I’m looking for a more stable career in event planning once I figure out where I want to live.
Have you decided on where to move? 

I haven’t decided. I’m giving myself until August to figure it out. BUT I know that I am aiming for a move for January 2018 and that its narrowed down to Portugal, Spain or Italy. Germany was really just an option if I got my man ex back but that’s not happening. But that is in the past.  Haha.

And you never know what cards are in store for you, I may end up in South America somewhere, who knows.

Why don’t you post more fashion related post?

Ahhh, that is all going to change this year. It’s hard because I travel a lot on my own and I get super awkward when it comes to photos. But I made a promise to myself to post more fashion related post and will do just that!

How can I be interviewed for your Wednesday Women series? 

Just email me stating your interest 🙂


I’m not going to lie, I love answering  these questions. So if you have anymore don’t be afraid to email me at or leave a comment below 🙂

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