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Meet Sianna. 

Hello, my name is Sianna and I am Bulgarian travel blogger. Beside my passion for travelling and exploring the world I have just graduated university with a diploma in Fashion Design and currently work as a freelancer. At EoStories we are hunting for cool hostels and places around the world. I love new cities, hipster cafes, design hostels and good food.

What inspired/inspires you to travel?

I travel to eat! That’s an inside joke we have at EoStories because when we are travelling we always aim to find the best food places that are not in the guide books and try the local cuisine. Sometimes the cafes and ice cream shops in our bucket list are more than the famous landmarks in the city. Joke aside, I travel because it gives me a lot of new points of view and perspectives, makes me constantly change and grow. There’s no other feeling like arriving at a new place you don’t know and the endless opportunities it gives you. I’ve studied abroad twice and it significantly changed me in both personal and professional way. New skills, knowledge, inspiration, stories and ideas are just some of the things you can gain through travelling. Some of the people I’ve met are now really good friends and others have influenced me without even knowing it.

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Where is your favorite destination to date?

This is a hard question as I’ve loved most of the places I’ve been to. They just all have something special or specific that made me love them – the architecture, the people, the way my visit there made me feel, the lessons I’ve learned. I loved my stay in Poland when I was studying there and I think it is a gorgeous country that is really underrated. Italy is always in my heart and I am dreaming to go back for a food and culture road trip. London is a place I could go back to as many times as I can and would love to live there – so many vibrant people and creative spirit. This summer I’ve discovered Slovenia that surprised me with its nature and beauty and I can’t wait to go back.

How do you prefer to travel? Solo or With a group? Why?

I prefer to travel with a friend or a small group of friends. I haven’t travelled solo extensively (though I went to study abroad alone if that counts) but I feel I might want to try it soon. I also don’t like to travel with an organized group because I want to organize the trip and the places I am visiting myself. When I travel with friends with similar interests it is much easier and fun to explore the new places!

Do you think there is a difference traveling as a woman?

Unfortunately, there are some destinations that are safer for guys rather than girls. Lately there are more and more situations of girls travelling solo that has been harassed so I think there is a difference but this shouldn’t stop us from travelling and exploring this beautiful world. Just use common sense, try to stay safe, plan ahead and travel in a group when you feel vulnerable.


How do you plan your trips?
Some of my trips are rather impulsive – seeing a cheap plane ticket or a close by destination and it is decided. I’ve traveled only around Europe so I don’t usually buy tickets and plan long ahead. I plan about 4-6 weeks ahead when it comes to transportation and 2 weeks or less for the hostels. I try not to plan everything and leave some things to fate. After all the best trips are the ones that happen by accident. We had a 4-hour layover and instead of staying at the airport in Sweden we jumped to explore a small town close by and it was an amazing decision. (article about it if interested –
After transportation and accommodation is settled I start searching for the basic must-do things in the new destination. Once they are covered it’s time for the fun part of the research for me – I start looking for off the beaten path places where the locals go. This is also the most interesting part of any trip.
When is your next one?
As I am currently working on a personal project that is in development and expected to be launched soon, I try to reduce the travelling to a minimum. This is a seriously hard thing to do and I already feel like an addict waiting for the next travel dose. Especially when friends are constantly inviting you to join their trips because they know that you are always up for travelling. Hopefully some more European adventures are waiting in November!

Any advice you would like to give to your fellow travelers?

There are many opportunities for travelling – you just have to look for them and grab them! From low-budget airlines with tickets for 10 euro (Thank you , Ryanair!) to working or studying abroad and European exchange projects. You have to be a bit creative when planning a trip but it can be done on a budget with some research in advance. All this “effort” can bring you to amazing destinations and experiences! Don’t forget your smile!

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