My Favorite Looks of Budapest

Unexpectedly spent a few days in Budapest. I don’t know how I got there (by plane, of course) but after 2 days I decided I should extend my trip. This might be the one time overpacking worked in my favor.

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If you want to see some of my looks from the trip, you’re just a scroll away.




Above was one of my favorite looks. It same together effortlessly and the most expensive item was the mini YSL bag. I also loved this look because every item was purchased on one of my random trips so I felt like a Woman of the World wearing this outfit.

The YSL Anita crossbody is sold out at many retailers but you can try your luck at online resale shops like:                    Tradesy , Fashionphile, or The RealReal.
Similar snake skin booties can be found here.


This was the perfect dress/sandal combo for shopping and exploring the city of Pest. My friend and I wandered into this “luxury” ice cream parlor called Moritz Eis. What’s better than grabbing ice cream after a day of shopping? Taking advantage of their cute ice cream tricycle and having your dainty red dress from Zara contrast perfectly with it.     Ice cream anyone?

Similar dress can be found here or here.




And to the famous baths. We visited the Gellért Baths. I chose a simple, somewhat modest, black two piece and paired it with a gold tone scarf acting as a cover up.

Similar bikini can be purchased here.


You’re the Best, Budapest


Hello Budapest,

IMG_0844As you may not know, I make it a mission to blend in wherever I go, even though standing at 5’10” its pretty hard to do. But in places like London, Milan, even Cologne, I blended in pretty well. You didn’t realize I wasn’t a local until I opened my mouth and you heard my “American Midwestern Accent”.

Well, in Budapest, as soon as I stepped onto the plane at LHR to BUD, I received stares, glares, and anything else you could think of. The stewardess even asked me “so what brings you to Budapest?”. I stumbled a bit with my answer, other than the famous baths, I knew nothing of the city. All I knew was that I was meeting one of my best friends there and we were prepared to see what Budapest was about.



Night 1 was definitely interesting. We stayed in Buda, which to my knowledge is the older part of the city, its separated by a river and once you make it to this side its a pretty steep hike to the top. Buda is home to many museums, castles, and cathedrals, as well as the occasional gothic-style architecture that makes you think you left the 2000s and stepped into Dracula’s lair.

 Aah, don’t fret, Dracula is Romanian, so technically not his lair but definitely a cousin whom was twice removed.

It was also the night Hungarians celebrated St. Stephens day.  There I was thinking it’s completely normal to greet every American with fireworks… This party was not for me, I was the girl who showed up uninvited… but I had my dancing shoes on and I was going to dance!

Walking around Buda felt a lot like being transported into a portable time capsule. While everything was  somewhat modern, there were so many remnants of the past. Like these vintage Houdini posters for a  magic show that was held at the shop we refused to go into. (Sorry not sorry, those flyers did not look very welcoming)

Actually, now that I think about it. The statues didn’t look very friendly either but I assume that’s the point. Cool to look at, but don’t touch! Fear invoked, good job.


One thing we thoroughly enjoyed was visiting the Gellért Baths. A must if you plan on visiting!


 Welcome to the vibrant and hip side, Pest. I feel like once we moved to our Airbnb in Pest our attitudes changed immediately. Moving to Pest reminded me of spending the summer at your Gran’s house, then a week later your cousins show up. Pest = Cousins. It was so refreshing and felt less vampy. Even the people hosted more smiles on their face.

After being acclimated to the change in culture, the days and nights were filled with adventure, fun, and lots of Rośe.

All in all it was a great trip for us. Thanks for keeping it weird Budapest, we’ll be back 🙂






Wednesday Women: Katalin


Kupari, Croatia ; Abandoned hotels of Kupari in the background. A memorable place from the Balkans trip.

Meet Katalin. I’m Katalin, originally from Hungary. I have lived for 5 years in Finland and currently I am a kind of digital nomad (mostly working remotely) and traveling with my husband.

What inspired/inspires you to travel?

I love hiking and nature. First, I just took weekend trips around my home town, but after a while I wanted to see more and visit new places.

Where is your favorite destination to date?

My favourite place is either Lapland or Singapore. Lapland is the calm nature as far as you can see while Singapore is an always busy city with super summer weather.

How do you prefer to travel? Solo or With a group? Why?

I have been backpacking solo in Southeast Asia and Turkey, but I still preferred to group up with other travelers. Lately I am on the road with my husband. I love exploring cities with others, and usually safer to hike or try new sports if you are not alone.

Atins, Brazil ; It is well known from its rainforest, but I have visited a little ‘desert’ there too while backpacking there a month.

Do you think there is a difference traveling as a woman?

You have to be much more careful – but it shouldn’t discourage you from traveling. I think after a while you learn how to avoid the risky situations, although in some countries you will still get different kind of offers, no matter what.

How do you plan your trips?

Usually after browsing a map for hours we just notice a bargain flight offer and we end up on a totally different country/continent.

When is your next one?

Now! We are continuously on the road since March (2016), changing country in every month or so. We were on the Balkans in Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Czech Republic and Finland. Currently we are in Vancouver, Canada.

Any advice you would like to give to your fellow travelers?

You can live with much less items than you first imagine! One (big) backpack is enough. ☺

Albania ; Hiking in the Albanian Alps around 2000m. No trails, no tourists.


Want to learn more about Katalin?

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