Walk With Me: Yves Saint Laurent Garden

Words honestly fail me when trying to describe the vibrant garden dedicated to Yves Saint Laurent.  While it is a small garden in comparison to others that you may be used to seeing, for example, Garfield Park Conservatory is much bigger in size. What YSL Garden lacked in size it made up for in beauty.




They do have a small museum located in the garden for an additional fee, but we opted out and just enjoyed the garden alone. Twas enough for me.

Toronto, Canada


Welcome to the 6! Now where is Drake & all his woes??? Seriously, where are they? Well until they get here I’ll just wait for my “woe” to arrive. This was my first time flying across borders alone, and a little apprehensive at first, but all in all it wasn’t so bad. I arrived at YYZ around 2pm and anxiously waited at baggage claim to pick up my bag and explore the city. My friend wouldn’t be arriving until 9pm that night, so I had a lot of time to kill.

The first night of our 3 day getaway was spent at the Holiday Inn in Midtown. The remainder of our nights were reserved for the Intercontinental(tell you about that later). While waiting on my woe (I’ll be annoyed with woe by the end of this entry) I walked around the neighborhood and grabbed some grub. Midtown reminded me of a College town. I walked past hundred of college aged adults, Second Cups (which is like Toronto’s Starbucks), libraries, and a few universities… Safe to say it was a college town, and that put my mind at ease a little because I was around my peers. I ate at a Thai restaurant and I wish I could remember the name of it because it was pretty good.

I think it’s definitely possible to do Toronto in a weekend. So if you ever have a couple of days off I would suggest visiting this neighboring city. I would even go back, maybe in the spring or summer, that way I can experience Caribana ( that’s when all the locals told me to come back!) But for the fall it wasn’t so bad.

I would recommend obviously spending a sunny day to visit the CN Tower, it has a great view of the city, and is great backdrop for your instagram photo :). It was extremely windy on the day we visited, most tourist only stayed on the inside of the tower because of the high winds! We ventured out, even if only for a minute or two, it was so worth it! And I’d like to think our photo came out better than the “green screen” alternative that you were able to purchase inside!

 I mean… Look at this super cool photo I snapped of my friend? No green screen could capture that!


And here are a few other pictures from our adventures from the weekend!


My picture turned out just okay, ha! 

Oh, if you’re a museum queen like myself take a look around the Royal Ontario Museum! You can not miss it, the architectural design of the building is striking! We actually didn’t realize that it was a museum! We wandered in because of its design, and to our surprise,wala, a museum!


If you seriously could miss this, you may need your eyes checked!


Really cool exhibit on ancient Egyptians… I thought she was super cool because she looks like me when I’m getting dressed in the morning. Maybe I’m a descendant of an Egyptian Goddess? Who knows!


We decided against the Niagara Falls since we didn’t really have a great amount of time. But next time I will be sure to visit and tell you all about it 🙂

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