Wednesday Women: Maple


Meet Maple. I am a fashion and travel blogger located in the Seattle area. I am a transplant from the beautiful city of Vancouver BC, Canada.  I am passionate about sharing travel stories/guides  that inspire a love to explore all this beautiful world has to offer. I’m also obsessed with being stylish and on my blog I share fashion tips that empower middle-aged women to feel confident as they age.

What inspired/inspires you to travel?
Discovering new cultures and meeting new people in those cultures inspires me to travel as well as knowing that life is short and I want to experience all the wanderlust this world has to offer!
023Where is your favorite destination to date?
My favorite destination is Waikiki Beach , Oahu Hi
How do you prefer to travel? Solo or With a group? Why?
I prefer to travel with my family or girlfriends because I am not super brave to travel on my own , although I do it on occasion.
Do you think there is a difference traveling as a woman?
Yes I think there is a difference traveling as a women, I think you have to be more aware of your surroundings and protective of yourself to ensure you are safe at all times.
How do you plan your trips?
I plan my trips around the cost of the airfare and accommodations. I also use the internet and tips from friends to decide on where I will go.  A lot of times I know someone in the destination I am traveling to.
When is your next one?
My next trip is a weekend trip to Whistler BC with my school age friend. We have known each other since 6th grade!
Any advice you would like to give to your fellow travelers?
Don’t let the 9-5 grind or finances stop you from experiencing all the world has to offer. I don’t have a huge travel budget at all, but it can be done on  a budget and careful planning. I have not visited overseas yet, as that is very spendy. Hoping to in the near future!
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Designer vs. Destination

Have you ever had to decide between the two? I have. Its not an easy decision either. Especially with me becoming an adult now, sometimes I think “Do you really need those Guiseppe’s?” “Do you really need to take off work for a month and travel Europe?”… Crazy!! The decisions you have to make being a 20 something year old in the city!


So I did a little comparison. Lets say one month you buy another pair of Louboutin’s Pigalle Follies  (August, $675 ) and then the next month you plan out a month long trip in Europe for the same price. Which one do you think is more expensive? Would you be surprised if I told you that I actually spent less on the Europe trip than the Louboutins? This isn’t to deter you away from purchasing your luxury goods, because even with this information, Im still going to splurge when I can. haha. I just wanted you to see what else you could be doing if for one month the money you spent on shoes, bags, and shades were spent on a trip.

Here is a look at my itinerary for my October-November, Europe (and Africa) trip.

Germany to Milan                                                                                $11 

1 night stay in Milan                                                                             $75

Milan to Marrakesh                                                                            $51

4 night stay in Marrakesh**                                                             $113

Marrakesh to Madrid                                                                          $31

3 night stay in Madrid**                                                                    $80

Madrid to Cologne                                                                              $32

Total                                                                                                     $393

** accommodations split between 2 people, does not reflect entire cost.

Thats insane, right? I still have money left over! Im thinking of adding a weekend trip to Portugal, or maybe the Amalfi Coast, who knows. The world is my oyster, with these affordable prices it can be yours too.

If you’re wondering how accommodations and flights can be so cheap, check out my guide to Making Your Dollar stretch in Europe!