Its official!


Its official!!! I bought a one way ticket to London. I really thought that my next European adventure was going to take place once I started teaching English abroad ( which by the way, I’ve just started taking my online TEFL classes.. 166 hours!) But WOW air had some insanely good deals on one way flights leaving Boston, so who was I not to give in and splurge on an adventure. I was a little apprehensive because I thought “where on Earth could you buy an international flight for only $145.00” apparently at WOW air you can. The airline reminds me of Spirit airlines, extremely affordable flights, but you pay for every little thing after your flight… your seat, your carry on, your checked bag, everything. That didn’t deter me from purchasing the tickets though, either I pack light or just pay extra. Which one do you think I’ll opt to do? After all one major fragment of this site is dedicated to fashion, it would be out of my character to not pack options.

Here is a list of the cities & dates I will be there. If I’m in your hood, reach out! I need interviews from the locals, street style entries, and someone who is convinced they live in the best city in the world to persuade me & my best friend!


Ciao :*

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