Flying Solo

So you can ignore my last post about going on a Euro tour with the bestie. That trip has been postponed and the traveler in me just couldn’t let me be idle in my free time. So here I am, writing to you all in my hotel in Paris. This will be the start to my first ever solo trip abroad.

When purchasing the tickets & hotels, I was extremely nervous! But I overcame that feeling by joining a few groups on facebook (thats actually been my main source of inspiration). If you are contemplating a solo trip, or just a trip in general, I HIGHLY recommend checking out facebook groups dedicated to travel. I will list the few that I joined and feel free to join too :).

So how does it feel to travel solo? I’m generally a pretty private person. I always have been, Growing up I would come home from work or school and just go straight to my room. Nothing has really changed, except now I live in a one bedroom apartment alone, so its just one giant room dedicated to my solitude. Which makes me even question myself on why I was so nervous to travel alone in the first place. I honestly just think it was not being able to have that tangible sense of familiarity traveling with you. Its nice having a piece of home with you when going to a foreign land. Its something that I think we all secretly crave, but which do you crave more? Having a piece of home or discovering a land new to you and finding a home?

I think we all know which one I indulged in. Now its time for you to indulge, and if that wasnt enough, search for these groups on FaceBook and be inspired!

  1. Solo Women Travelers
  2. Girls Who Travel
  3. African-Americans Abroad
  4. She Went Wear ( you can always stay tuned into my adventures 😉 )

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