Los Angeles, California

caliIm pretty sure all who visit California, loves California. Its a different setting for sure, which is nice if you live in an upbeat bustling city like I do. Each time I visit, Cali is more and more like all of its stereotypes. Its a little weird because it reminds me of those commercials with Arnold Schwarzenegger ( I cant believe I just spelled that without trying to google it first!) saying come visit California. But it does! And not being biased or anything but YOU should visit California…. Sidenote: Lets see how many times I can say California in one post, haha. Overkill much? On to a more serious note.

Los Angeles isn’t specifically just for the hippies, the artist, the bourgeois, the movie stars, the part time waitress/part time model. While all of those may inhabit its Sunny habitat, I get a feeling thats it more of a place where all walks of life just vibe together ( okay, that does sound hippy-ish).

Just to think; Ive only been to San Diego and the Los Angeles County area: Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley,Manhattan Beach, etc.

Here are a few pictures!

GOOD EATS: if you’re ever in the Manhattan Beach area make sure to check out Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant on Highland Avenue. When I tell you its soooo good; my go to dish was the Shrimp & Lobster Quesadilla. LOVE, in a quesadilla. ( you may even spot a celeb or two on your way there, I did. )


(The decor inside Pancho’s. Also, very good lighting for a selfie.)

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