Paris, France

Bonjour mon ami!

Welcome to the City of Lights, City of Love, City of my home for the week!

In comparison to my arrival in Vienna, I felt much more at home once I landed at Charles De Gualle Airport. Which I took as sign that this trip would surpass any expectations I had for it. Although I was a little apprehensive how I was going to fit Paris into one week, especially seeing how I am usually a leisure spirited traveller opposed to the “touristy agenda objective” traveller. But with the week promising neutral temperatures in the 30s & 40s ( mind you, we’re in January) I was able to fit a lot of popular sites in one day, just keep in mind that you will do A LOT  of WALKING.
IMG_1802The Love Lock Bridge ; No lover this year for me, so my friend and I locked down our love for each other… Best friends are like boyfriends anyway, right?!

Opera de Paris


Moulin Rouge


Sacre Couer – Marks the highest point in Paris. The church itself, is just as beautiful as the view of Paris. For respect of the Church’s wishes, I did not take any photos while inside, but please be sure to visit. If not for religious reasons, go for the view. On a sunny day, you can even spot the Eiffel Tower.


The Notre Dame


The Eiffel Tower ; Its more glamorous at night, but it’s not too shabby in the daytime either 😉


Be prepared to trek up & down the streets of Paris. Especially if you plan on going off of the beaten tourist path and visiting some really cool local spots. When this photo was taken, my friend and I were walking to lunch at our (now favorite) spot Chez Marie ( located in the Montmartre district)


Hello there beautiful 🙂


Couldn’t miss this photo-op at the Musee du Louvre ; On the first Sundays of the month, admission is free! So we lucked up and was able to see all the wonderful artworks including the Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

IMG_0169 IMG_0234

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