I Ditched the City for Hell…

Not literally, of course.

But I did drive 3 hours to hike a few trails at Devil’s Lake State Park. Its been on my agenda for a very long time but I struggle with procrastination. So on one of Chicago’s warmer days, I decided to flee the city and its “Sunday Funday” shenanigans in exchange  for a nice hike in nature with awesome company!

I wont bore you with why I wanted to get out the city, but I think nature has a good way of helping you find peace and hitting reset. Maybe you can find peace by looking at these photos, hopefully it’ll motivate you to plan your own hike.


P.S. As I’m typing this my legs are still sore, but I regret nothing. 🙂

Walk With Me: Chicago

WTF?! Can you believe I have never done a Walk With Me: Chicago??? Thats kind of crazy. Chicago is so beautiful and I feel so lucky to call it home (sometimes). Here is a collection of photos from my year in Chicago. I need to take more, but this will have to do for now. With this walk hopefully you will fall in love with my hometown.



Fashion Friday: Frankie


Meet Frankie.Who are you?

 Who am I? Whoever you want me to be. Kidding. Hello world 😆 This is Francis Peter aka Frankie to those who I am close to.I’m a photographer, a fashion stylist? Ha! I hate titles! I have my hand in so many different interests. (It’s something I’m thankful for..the ability to explore different lanes and avenues). About 5 years ago I founded Style Through My Eyes, a site geared to show the world (as it states) style through my eyes. Lately though I’ve geared the focus towards others. After all, who wants to see just one solo perspective?

img_1579Sneakers or Chelseas?

I honestly enjoy both. Chelsea’s are great, I own a couple pairs but I’m more comfortable in a pair of sneakers. I grew up on Nike and Michael Jordan so I have quite a soft spot/weakness for sneakers. As a kid my parents bought me 2 pair of sneakers a year..1 usually for first day of school then again in the Summer on my birthday. As I grew older and began making (and saving) money I began to save up for and buyin certain sneakers I recall admiring as a kid. I mostly keep it to classics like Jordan 1-10 and Nike Air Max with the occasional Adidas, Vans and Converse mixed in. That collection has since grown into..well I can probably go at least 125 straight days without wearing the same pair of shoes. Yee! 

What is a trend you would like to see end? And or comeback?

Honestly, I don’t really follow trends. I just wear what I like, “on trend or not”. My style is quite versatile (as you’ll see in these photos). I usually dress on how I feel or for the occasion..but I abide by “Rules are meant to be broken” and “Expect the unexpected”. Most of the pieces in my closet are what I feel are classic wardrobe essentials/staples that will never really go out of style and transcend over time. Pieces I or you can look back on even 30 years from now and say “Oh I still have that jacket..and those shoes!” 

Style crush? 

Damn. That’s really tough. I have a couple that I draw influence from..

Ryan Gosling. “Easy.” Be it in a tux or leather jacket and holey vintage tee. Watch “Place Beyond The Pines”,  “Drive” and “Crazy, Stupid Love”..his style is beyond versatile. 

David Beckham. “Man. Crush.” No but for real. I admire his sense of style from the easy t shirt and jeans, his ever changing hair style to the tattoos to his wife (Victoria..let’s not get me started on her..) and family. He’s what I’d refer to as “goals”.


Kanye West. How can I describe him? He’s..”Kanye“. I was born and raised in New Orleans but moved to Chicago before middle school. To me, Kanye’s persona, attitude and style of dress really embodies..Chicago. It’s simple (plain t shirt, jeans..albeit usually expensive ha paired with rare sneakers) yet subtly flashy and flamboyant (chain and gold teeth lol). It makes me laugh that the world is so shocked when Kanye openly voices his opinion on whatever issue. Come to Chicago, most people I know have no problem speaking their mind.

Gilda Ambrosio. She’s a fashion consultant. I love the way she dresses and puts pieces together. It’s unexpected and very eclectic!

Monika Pardala. “Simply Chic”. Also known as “Chicago In Stilettos”. I very randomly met her prior to starting my blog in 2012. She was the first street style photo I ever snapped with my new Nikon. I love her how minimal and easy her sense of style is. 
Advice for other bloggers/creatives? 

“The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results.”

-James Dean , it’s a quote I live by.

With style and fashion, I’ve come to realize that there is an over abundance of influence and inspiration floating around in this world..ready to be consumed. It’s a matter of..how are you taking that influence and inspiration that you’ve found… and make it your own then differentiate yourself from everyone else? Key words there being..”make it your own”. You don’t want to be known as “Oh he/she reminds me of..” ..you want to be known as..the first..you. 

Perhaps then..someone will then..be influenced by..you and take the inspiration drawn from you and make it their own. It’s a never ending ongoing circle 🔄

Thank you so much for reaching out and wanting to feature me on your blog ✌🏽️🙌🏽🤗

Want to learn more about Frankie?

Style Through My Eyes


Cool & Free things to do in Chicago

Chicago is such a great city, and it offers so many activities for locals and tourist. Most of which you can do free of charge! I’ve decided to take on an ongoing project while I’m in Chicago and explore all of its activities. Who said being broke is boring?!


1. Lincoln Park Zoo

Its free everyday. Tourist, Locals, green people you name it, free! Parking can be quite expensive after 30 minutes, but if you pay attention to the street signs you can find free parking and avoid the city tow trucks!


2. Garfield Park Conservatory

Free parking, free conservatory (donations are welcomed) and free clean air! This is a great activity to do rain or shine as majority of the exhibits are indoor with the exception of one.