Fashion Friday: Tayla Santos


Meet Tayla.

Hey there, my name is Tayla (pronounced like kayla but with a “T”) and I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. I started my blog not too long ago as a fun side thing to keep me motivated and absolutely fell in love with every aspect of it. I love the mini “self done” photoshoots, the shopping, the planning, the editing, the writing,  the emails…all of it! Its a type of busy I don’t think I will ever get tired of! I also love meeting new people so if you come over to my little corner of the internet, be sure to say hi and introduce your self ❤



Do you blog full-time or as a hobby?

As of  right now I am blogging as a hobby and I am literally obsessed with it!

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

I love looking back and seeing how far I’ve come! It’s like having a photo album and looking back at all the pictures you had taken years ago. It’s crazy how much my style alone has evolved in just one year and I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in years to come!

Are there any goals you wish to accomplish for the year?

YES! So many goals it’s crazy lol. I think my biggest goals are to obviously grow more but to grow into something that’s my own. I want to create something that’s recognizable. I don’t want to just be another fashion blogger. I want people to look at my outfits and my different pictures and be able to tell that it’s my post without even seeing that I’m the one that posted it. You know what I mean?? Does that even make sense?

How would you describe your style?

This is a question I get all the time. I have a very simple style. I always have a classic and simple base and then build with my accessories such as bags, scarfs, jewelry, and hairstyle! (hairstyle can make or break an outfit, btw). I also love mixing casual with more dressy pieces. For example wearing a black silk tank dress but pairing it with a graphic tee under, and throwing on some white vans! I love mixing styles and trends, what can i say; I’m diverse!! Loll. So I guess I would say my style is classic chic. Yeah, I like that!

IMG_8250Name your top 3 designers.

  1. Giambattista Valli
  2. Louis Vuitton
  3. Versace


If you had a chance to go on a shopping spree at any retailer of your choice, where would you go? Why?

These are the types of tough questions I pray im never forced to face in reality. I guess I would have to say Nordstrom. They have everything!! Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Jewelry, and Makeup. I could get a whole makeover in that one store. I don’t usually shop there often but if it’s a shopping spree, why not!

Mary Kate or Ashley?

I used to watch them everyday when I was younger ( like I used to have all their VCR tapes) and debated this question for most of my life however, I think it’s now safe to say…Ashley! Don’t make me explain.

Is there a celebrity who best matches your style?

I honestly don’t know. If I had to choose I would say Shay Mitchell but you guys let me know. Check out my style and tell me if I resemble any celebs you follow. I’ll check them out and let you know what I think.

What is a staple piece everyone should have in their wardrobe?

Def a good pair of denim and a basic white tee (that fits you right. Not too oversized and not too fitted). You can do soooo much with just that. Dress it up with a pair of heels and a leather jacket and your good for date night. However, throw on some simple casual sneakers, a belt and a cute cross body and your good for a day out on the town. Don’t even get me started on all the possibilities that come with a good pair of jeans and a white tee.


With all the online retailers creating trendy pieces, who is your favorite?

Wow, this is a tough one. I have so many go to online shopping retailers. I would say my top three are Boohoo, Verge Girl, and the trusty old Zaful lol

What is your next must-have purchase?

110% a LV bag!! I need one and that just might be the real reason I opened a credit card lol. Shhh


Want to know more about Tayla?


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Fashion Friday: Maite



Meet Maite Aramayo.

I am from Bolivia and I’m 24 years old. I am currently living in Milan because I’m doing my masters in Management and specializing in fashion. I have a blog that I started this year called “LA BOLIVIANA” where I write every week and give my insight into the fashion industry. Living in one of the fashion capitals of the world is a very exciting experience for me, and so I’m constantly curious about learning more about the fashion industry and willing to spread my ideas to inspire other people.





What inspired you to start blogging about fashion?


I made the decision to start blogging when I moved to Milan. It was a huge change for me because everybody expected me to keep pursuing a career in finance (I have a bachelor and experience in that industry) but I figured that if I really wanted to start making my way into the fashion industry, I had to start somewhere, and for me blogging was the way to go; apart from the fact that I love writing.When it comes to content and what inspired me, I saw that there’s this ongoing stereotype about fashion being the most superficial and frivolous industry in the world. And so, when I started my blog my mission became to get people informed for them to realize that it’s not just an industry about dressing people up, but that there’s a whole business strategy behind every brand and moreover a huge world of unique processes where people combine their business knowledge with creative mindsets. Believe it or not, fashion is something very complex that can represent anything you want, be able to move the crowds and ultimately fuel an economy.

Do you blog full-time or as a hobby?6

I don’t blog full-time because I only post once a week, but I don’t like how the word hobby sounds either! Since I’m doing a masters in Milan, being able to blog all the time is almost impossible for now, but I am constantly looking for new ideas for my next blog every day. I try to get people’s input all the time, and strangely my best ideas have been inspired by people who have no idea about the industry, so blogging has become quite entertaining. For me, being in fashion is a 24/7 job so I am always with my eyes wide open looking for new inspiring ideas.

 Describe a typical day as a fashion blogger.

Like any person that loves fashion, I wake up and the first thing I always do is to check fashion news on my phone while having breakfast. After that, I usually get ready for my classes and spend half of my day at university, but I always have my phone and a notebook with me, in case something interesting happens. Through the day I also take time to get in touch with other bloggers, stay active on Instagram because of how important that platform has become, I go and read some other bloggers’posts usually from the ones posted on Facebook groups and try to brainstorm all day. Also, part of being a fashion blogger is to always have a good outfit put together when you’re out, and so if I get the chance, I take some pictures.


 What is your favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite thing about blogging is definitely the freedom to have a voice in the industry I love. Although being a blogger is so hard these days because there are thousands out there, what satisfies me the most is that my content is finally out there for some people to read it. Also, I like how much my mindset has changed ever since I’ve started blogging, because I’m constantly curious and on an“analysis mode” on a daily basis.


Are there any goals you wish to accomplish for the year?

Like any blogger out there, I think my main goal would be to increase my audience, of course. But I’d have to say that by the end of the year I would like to have better knowledge about blogging and also to have a bigger blogger network that I can reach out to.

How would you describe your style?

Someone once told me that my style is very “contemporary”, and I never knew what that meant because there are so many ways of dressing in a “contemporary” way these days! But when it comes to styling, I look for outfits that make me feel comfortable in my own skin and so I like to play with layers, always have a little bit of movement with the fabrics I choose and usually I try to wear something interesting that pops out in my outfit, like a cool accessory, a statement shirt or blouse, or anything that truly reflects my mood on that day.

5Name your top 3 designers.

My top one has definitely become Alessandro Michele, and I like him as a designer because he’s always playing it hard and risky. He’s taken Gucci into this imaginative and transformative phase that everyone seems to be buying into, and also he is not afraid of going without filter on his collections.

My second is Olivier Rousteing because I love how he changed Balmain and by being so young and a black French designer, I really enjoy seeing him break the rules and taking his inspiration a step forward, always bringing new diversity into the fashion world.

My third is Riccardo Tisci, because he has a contemporary street-style way of designing that in my opinion is very unique. He combines street wear with high-end fashion and he’s one of the designers that actually pays attention to the consumer. I’m beyond excited for his debut collection for Burberry on September.

What is the best fashion advice you have ever received?

I’ve been advised to not be afraid to stand out, speak up and be risky, and that goes not only with clothing choices but also when it comes to spreading ideas. I’m always worried that because I have studied finance, I don’t know enough about fashion like the ones that dedicated their lives to it from the beginning. But I realized that not even the people who are deep inside the industry know everything because there’s always space to keep learning, so I’m learning each day to put my opinion out there, even if it gets criticized. It is all a learning process.

What is the best fashion advice you would give?

Always be informed about the industry. I think I’ve gotten the habit of getting informed all the time because in some way I like to compare fashion with finance (more specifically, the stock market). If you don’t know what is currently happening in the industry you love, you’re not going to be updated and be able to come up with ideas of your own. Being informed about fashion is key, because just like the stock market, it is an industry that changes constantly and it’s very volatile.

If you had the chance to sit front row at any designer’s show during NYFW who would you see?


Alexander Wang, because I’ve been following him ever since he got started and it’s amazing how much he has evolved as a designer. Also, to me all of his collections are perfection and I would wear everything that he designs because of how edgy he is.


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Fashion Friday: Habon


Meet Habon. 

My name is Habon. I was born and raised in Georgia, but both my parents are Somalis from Djibouti(a tiny country on the horn of Africa). I’ve always loved fashion and the way a great outfit could make you feel. I wanted to share my ideas, outfits and inspirations with other fashion lovers and felt like a blog would be a great way to showcase my love of fashion.

Do you blog full-time or as a hobby?

I started blogging as a hobby about a year and half ago and I’ve now taken it on as a full-time job. I’m excited to continue on this journey and see what wonderful things lays ahead!

Are there any goals you wish to accomplish for the year? (blog related)

I would love to increase content for my blog by attending fashion shows and traveling to different countries. I would love to add a podcast to my blog, which I think would be a great addition.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as comfortable glam. I love wearing Tees and jeans and then elevating it with the right accessories. I don’t believe you should suffer for fashion.


Name your top 3 designers.

My top three designers in no particular order are: Badgley Mischka, Elie Saab and Naeem Khan. All three brands understand the importance of embellishments, accessories and glamorous details. All things I absolutely love!

If you had a chance to go on a shopping spree at any retailer of your choice, where would you go? Why? 

This is so hard but if I had to choose just one it would probably be Holt Renfrow. They’re a huge luxury department store in Canada, so they carry both high-end designers like Dior and Chanel but also have awesome contempory designers like The Row and Michael Kors. You would definitely find me in the handbag section, I’m beyond obsessed with handbags. I would then make my way towards the beauty department to grab all the goodies like perfumes and makeup products.

Mary Kate or Ashley?

Both are huge fashion icons, but if I had to pick one, I would say Ashley. I love her reserved yet fashionable outfits. She’s not experimenting new looks or colors but knows what works for her and is always effortlessly fashionable.

Is there a celebrity who best matches your style?

I love how Oliva Palermo dresses. She has an effortless cool girl style yet slightly preppy. She always looks put together and I love that.


If you had the chance to sit front row at any designer’s show during NYFW who would you see? 

I would love to go to all of them, but if I had to pick one it would definitely be Badgley Mischka. They have such a great eye for detail and pick out the most glamorous pieces that sitting front row would be such a treat!

Heels or Flats?

Definitely a fabulous pair of flats! I love the classic Chanel flats which can dress up any outfit and are great for both work and play!

Whats your rule with accessorizing?

I’m a firm believer that accessories make the outfit! I love a great handbag, shoes, or jewelry that stands out. Accessories should be the statement piece of our outfit.


What is a staple piece everyone should have in their wardrobe? 

It’s so hard to pick just one, but I would say one great handbag. Handbags can be both functional and beautiful. Find one that speaks to your style. Effortless cool girl? Try the Balenciaga motorcycle bag. Classy lady like? Chanel classic flap or the Lady Dior bag might be the perfect feel. Climbing the corporate ladder? Prada has a great selection of structured handbags and the Fendi 2Jours screams boss (think Olivia Pope). Regardless of your style, there’s a handbag or two or three that will speak to you.

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Fashion Friday: Frankie


Meet Frankie.Who are you?

 Who am I? Whoever you want me to be. Kidding. Hello world 😆 This is Francis Peter aka Frankie to those who I am close to.I’m a photographer, a fashion stylist? Ha! I hate titles! I have my hand in so many different interests. (It’s something I’m thankful for..the ability to explore different lanes and avenues). About 5 years ago I founded Style Through My Eyes, a site geared to show the world (as it states) style through my eyes. Lately though I’ve geared the focus towards others. After all, who wants to see just one solo perspective?

img_1579Sneakers or Chelseas?

I honestly enjoy both. Chelsea’s are great, I own a couple pairs but I’m more comfortable in a pair of sneakers. I grew up on Nike and Michael Jordan so I have quite a soft spot/weakness for sneakers. As a kid my parents bought me 2 pair of sneakers a year..1 usually for first day of school then again in the Summer on my birthday. As I grew older and began making (and saving) money I began to save up for and buyin certain sneakers I recall admiring as a kid. I mostly keep it to classics like Jordan 1-10 and Nike Air Max with the occasional Adidas, Vans and Converse mixed in. That collection has since grown into..well I can probably go at least 125 straight days without wearing the same pair of shoes. Yee! 

What is a trend you would like to see end? And or comeback?

Honestly, I don’t really follow trends. I just wear what I like, “on trend or not”. My style is quite versatile (as you’ll see in these photos). I usually dress on how I feel or for the occasion..but I abide by “Rules are meant to be broken” and “Expect the unexpected”. Most of the pieces in my closet are what I feel are classic wardrobe essentials/staples that will never really go out of style and transcend over time. Pieces I or you can look back on even 30 years from now and say “Oh I still have that jacket..and those shoes!” 

Style crush? 

Damn. That’s really tough. I have a couple that I draw influence from..

Ryan Gosling. “Easy.” Be it in a tux or leather jacket and holey vintage tee. Watch “Place Beyond The Pines”,  “Drive” and “Crazy, Stupid Love”..his style is beyond versatile. 

David Beckham. “Man. Crush.” No but for real. I admire his sense of style from the easy t shirt and jeans, his ever changing hair style to the tattoos to his wife (Victoria..let’s not get me started on her..) and family. He’s what I’d refer to as “goals”.


Kanye West. How can I describe him? He’s..”Kanye“. I was born and raised in New Orleans but moved to Chicago before middle school. To me, Kanye’s persona, attitude and style of dress really embodies..Chicago. It’s simple (plain t shirt, jeans..albeit usually expensive ha paired with rare sneakers) yet subtly flashy and flamboyant (chain and gold teeth lol). It makes me laugh that the world is so shocked when Kanye openly voices his opinion on whatever issue. Come to Chicago, most people I know have no problem speaking their mind.

Gilda Ambrosio. She’s a fashion consultant. I love the way she dresses and puts pieces together. It’s unexpected and very eclectic!

Monika Pardala. “Simply Chic”. Also known as “Chicago In Stilettos”. I very randomly met her prior to starting my blog in 2012. She was the first street style photo I ever snapped with my new Nikon. I love her how minimal and easy her sense of style is. 
Advice for other bloggers/creatives? 

“The gratification comes in the doing, not in the results.”

-James Dean , it’s a quote I live by.

With style and fashion, I’ve come to realize that there is an over abundance of influence and inspiration floating around in this world..ready to be consumed. It’s a matter are you taking that influence and inspiration that you’ve found… and make it your own then differentiate yourself from everyone else? Key words there being..”make it your own”. You don’t want to be known as “Oh he/she reminds me of..” want to be known as..the 

Perhaps then..someone will influenced and take the inspiration drawn from you and make it their own. It’s a never ending ongoing circle 🔄

Thank you so much for reaching out and wanting to feature me on your blog ✌🏽️🙌🏽🤗

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Fashion Friday: Audrey



Meet Audrey.

My name is Audrey Paillé, I’m 22 years old and I come from Canada. I’m currently living in Montreal so my mother tongue is French but I speak English too. Also, I’m a full-time student at university in public relations. I created my blog French Allure a few years ago but I stopped. I just started back blogging!



What inspired you to start blogging about fashion? I’ve read many fashion blogs for the longest time. Ever since I watched my favorite movie ever “The Devil wears Prada”, I have wanted to work for a fashion magazine. Having a blog is my way to be an editor in chief to my own magazine!

Do you blog full-time or as a hobby? I blog as a hobby. I have a part-time job at Zara and I’m a full-time student at university.

Are there any goals you wish to accomplish for the year (blog related): I would absolutely love to score my first collaboration with a company based in Montreal.

image4How would you describe your style? The thing is that my style changes everyday!! I can wear really cute clothing with pastels colors one day and the next I can feel more minimalist and wear neutrals pieces. One thing that is common in all my looks is a feminine touch.

Name your top 3 designers:

Chloé: For the bohemian and feminine vibe

Chanel:  For the details

Valentino: For the ultra delicate and feminine look

If you had the chance to go on a shopping spree at any retailers of your choice, where would you go? Why? I would totally go to Holt Renfrew or Ogilvy. They are a Canadian high-end department store which carries all the best luxurious brands of clothing, accessories and beauty.

Mary Kate or Ashley? I prefer Ashley because she is a bit more feminine.

image6Is there a celebrity who best matches your style? If I had to pick only one celebrity, I would say Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Her style is effortless and it changes from day to day just like me.

If you had the chance to sit front row at any designer’s how during NYFW who would you see? I would love to see the Zimmermann fashion show because I really loved the past collections and I would love to see more!

Heels or flats? I absolutely love heels but I’m a really busy person and I’m not the best at walking in stilettos so I’ll say flats! This way, I don’t have to worry about having to take off my shoes mid-day.

image2Whats your rule with accessorizing? I try not to mix metals. It is something I’m quite picky about. For example, if I wear a purse with the tiniest bit of silver, the rest of my accessories HAVE TO be silver.  In my opinion, It looks more put together and add unity to the outfit.

What is a staple piece everyone should have in their wardrobe?
This might be a boring answer but a nice fitted jeans goes a long way. Especially if you are short like me (5’2), when you find the perfect jeans with the right length buy all the colors from the same model!

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